Daily Quote

Hey guys sorry I haven’t kept up my quotes but I think I might do a weekly one instead of daily ūüôā enjoy……..

Dance is the language spoken between souls…….


My Dance Life

So I have always loved dance the way people moved,¬†express their emotion through motion, I always thought it was truly captivating. A year ago I went to do my first year in boarding school. An all Irish, girls ,Catholic Boarding School. A letter came in the post one day from the school asking wether or not I wanted to do any extra curricular activities. Well of course I did I love activities where¬†I can just let my-self go and just be myself. I wanted to do all of them but we didn’t have any-were near enough money for that seeing as there was around 8-9 of them! I chose dance (which was one of the choices), then it said choose which type of dance do you want to do ballet or modern/contemporary of course contemporary (I wouldn’t have been committed¬†enough to do ballet).All that summer I couldn’t wait for the school term to start so I could start my dance classes. I loved my dance classes throughout the year my teacher was amazing and she got us doing shows as-well which I would have never dreamed of doing anything like that before we had lovely costumes too! I have been dancing for a year and a half and just over the last few months I really picked it up and started doing my own routines and choreography for myself i don’t do classes but I would really like too. I love¬†to dance and I really thank my teacher for introducing it to me.

Hey Guys

Hey guys

So this my blog I’m India, I’m an Aquarius and¬†I love dance!

I love watching ballet and dancing contemporary.¬†I’m hoping to write posts¬†and post pics about dance which is one of my hobbies. I hope i can express my love and passion for dance through my blog to you guys so, I hope you enjoy…….